Proprietary DOE Fractional Technology

LASEROPTEK pioneered the development and commercialization of Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) generated fractional grid pattern laser beams for use in aesthetic fractional laser treatments. DOE propagated laser energy creates a safer and more effective beam compared to traditional Micro Lens Array (MLA) generated fractional beams commonly used in aesthetic lasers.

Every energy spot in a DOE fractional beam is of uniform fluence and ablation/penetration depth, creating an even distribution of energy to the skin and enabling efficacious treatment of the entire fractional beam area with the added safety of efficient heat dissipation. Whereas MLA fractional beams exhibit significant fluence and ablation/penetration depth variability across the array in a gaussian pattern creating an undesirable hot spot in the center of the fractional beam with energy dropping off significantly towards the edges.

LASEROPTEK’s DOE Fractional technology allows physicians to deliver higher, evenly distributed energy across the fractional array compared to non-uniform MLA fractional beams that necessitate the use of lower energy settings to compensate for the “hot” center and “cool” edges.

*Patent No. 101042687000 (KR), fractional laser system using of diffraction pattern, and thereof ray method