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LASEROPTEK once again launches revolutionary technology with PicoLO Premium

PicoLO Premium represents the new generation of picosecond lasers that brings you the powerful and stable picosecond laser that you have never experienced before. It has 1064nm and 532nm dual wavelengths and delivers highly robust and stable ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to tissues, provided by the LASEROPTEK’s proprietary technology create photomechanical effect which breaks up tattoo ink to smaller particles and offers skin rejuvenation.

High stability

Proprietary DOE Fractional

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Clear tattoo removal

Radiant skin rejuvenation

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3 Reasons You Should Choose PicoLO –
Technology Oriented, High-Stability, and Satisfactory-Maintenance


High Stability for Optimal Results

Stability is a key factor in maintaining peak power to deliver optimal results with picosecond lasers. The PicoLO Premium system is designed to consistently generate an ultra-short pulse and high output energy at 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths with PicoLO Premium’s proprietary picosecond technology.

Pulse duration
The above two graphs were measured at 1064nm and 532nm, respectively, using the oscilloscope. Their standard deviations are below 2%, showing high stability.

Energy stability
Mean values were calculated for every 10 output energy measurements by the energy meter.

On the oscilloscope testing, the PicoLO Premium system demonstrates to deliver single-peak pulses consistently at both 1064 and 532nm. In addition, it shows consistently stable high-energy pulses from mean 513 to 518mJ at 1064nm and from mean 359 to 360mJ at 532nm by the energy meter testing. Both oscilloscope and energy meter testing data confirm that standard deviations are below 5% and below 2%, respectively. This high stability can be maintained throughout using PicoLO Premium, resulting in a photomechanical effect.

Mechanism of Action

Photomechanical Effect

Picosecond laser has 100 times shorter pulse duration than Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers. Due to their short pulse durations, picosecond lasers are known to generate high peak power levels, resulting in greater photomechanical effects and less desirable photothermal effects, minimizing unwanted heat diffusion.

A predominant photomechanical effect made by PicoLO Premium’s ultra-short pulses reduces epidermal injury and enhances to fragment the deeper pigment and ink particles. Faster treatment results with shorter treatment sessions.

Dia FX by PicoLO Premium

PicoLO Premium’s Essence of Technology

PicoLO Premium’s Dia FX, a new name of DOE fractional handpiece, where LASEROPTEK’s patented DOE fractional technology is adopted. Dia FX Splits the laser beam into 81 microbeam lasers evenly to penetrate evenly into the dermis of the skin, while protecting the epidermal later of intact skin. It allows for safe and effective treatment.

Convenience for Delicate Treatment

Adjustable three distinct penetration depths are available with an all-new Dia FX 1064 handpiece. Uniform 81 micro beams in 10 x 10mm target lesion from the dermis to upper dermis and epidermis, allowing a physician to plan more delicate treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation by LIOB Formation

A powerful Dia FX creates a laser-induced optical breakdown (LIOB). Thru the process of LIOB, Dia FX’s laser beam creates micro-injury zones present as dermal vacuoles and stimulates a healing process, resulting in skin rejuvenation. The LIOB formation made by PicoLO’s DOE fractional beam was seen in the clinical study of patients with acne scars. It showed dermal remodeling and provided an attractive treatment option for atrophic scars.


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