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    Key Benefits

    The HELIOS IV 785™ is a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that merges Pico and Nano wavelengths for the ultimate treatment experience to physicians as well as enhanced outcomes to their patients for indications including tattoo removal, benign pigmented lesions, skin brightening, and toning.

    By incorporating the picosecond 785nm wavelength to complement 1064nm and 532nm nanosecond wavelengths, the HELIOS IV 785 is designed essentially to further empower physicians the ability to customize treatments down to the last detail for safe, fast, and proven clinical outcomes.

    Advanced Stability & Safety

    High Peak Power & Energy

    Game Changer for Pigmentation

    Safer for Darker Skin Types

    Custom & Expanded Treatments


    The HELIOS Legacy

    The HELIOS series has solidified its legacy and global reputation by assuring highly safe, fast, and consistently stable laser systems. Now, with incorporating the picosecond 785nm wavelength alongside its nanosecond counterparts under a single platform, the HELIOS IV 785 introduces more complete and expanded treatment paradigms that can optimize existing ones across global medical and aesthetic laser markets.

    Unique Laser Resonator Design

    LASEROPTEK’s unique design of a solid-state laser resonator enables 1064/532nm nanosecond pulses and 785nm true picosecond pulses in one platform. LASEROPTEK’s micro cavity design enabled the high power Ti:Sapphire laser.

    Thermal Lens Compensator

    LASEROPTEK’s proprietary thermal lens compensating technology prevent not the only thermal lens but also thermal birefringence to keep a very uniform beam quality and high output energy stability.

    Proprietary DOE Fractional Technology

    LASEROPTEK pioneered the development and commercialization of Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) generated fractional grid pattern laser beams for use in aesthetic fractional laser treatments. LASEROPTEK’s DOE Fractional technology allows physicians to deliver higher, evenly distributed energy across the fractional array.


    Why 785nm?

    When it comes to delivering high pulse energy, peak power, safety, and efficacy of results among wavelengths within the 700nm range, LASEROPTEK’s own R&D have firmly established that the HELIOS IV 785’s 785nm setting outperforms them all, with respect to treating indications like benign pigmented lesions and removal of multicolored tattoos.

    This is made possible by its capabilities of producing deeper penetration depths, higher melanin absorption, various spot size options for customized treatments, and last but not certainly least, minimal side effects.

    The Perfect Complement to 1064nm & 532nm

    With the 785nm picosecond wavelength, the HELIOS IV 785 is also able to apply the finishing touches to indications addressed by the nanosecond 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths, including more optimized outcomes for skin brightening and toning.


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