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  • PicoLO received CE approval ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    PicoLO received CE approval -Picosecond Nd:YAG laser(1064&532nm) -Gold Standard for Tattoo Removal -High STability for Optimal Results ⠀


  • LASEROPTEK Co. Ltd., and Gale Force Aesthetics, LLC Sign a Multi-Year Exclusive Distribution Agreement

    LASEROPTEK Co. Ltd., and Gale Force Aesthetics, LLC Sign a Multi-Year Exclusive Distribution Agreement for the United States Market The Agreement covers sales, marketing and service for LASEROPTEK's entire line of FDA cleared laser systems to the U.S. aesthetic and medical dermatology markets. SEOUL, Republic of Korea, Oct. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- LASEROPTEK Co., Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of world-class laser devices for aesthetic and medical dermatology applications, is pleased to announce it has signed a nationwide, multi-year, exclusive distribution agreement with Gale Force Aesthetics, LLC. The agreement covers sales, marketing and service for LASEROPTEK's entire line of U.S. FDA cleared laser systems in the U.S. market. Gale Force Aesthetics, through a collaboration agreement with Laser Service Solutions, Inc., of Paulsboro, New Jersey will provide installation, warranty and extended warranty services to LASEROPTEK device users in the U.S. market. "The U.S. represents a significant market opportunity. A partnership with Gale Force Aesthetics and Laser Service Solutions allows LASEROPTEK to effectively cover the entire market, providing exceptional service and support.  We have built a synergistic team providing us the breadth and depth necessary to build LASEROPTEK's business base in this market. This partnership highlights our commitment to support the medical and aesthetic dermatology community with novel devices and ongoing support," this according to CJ Lee, CEO of LASEROPTEK.  "We look forward to showcasing our world class lasers to U.S. physicians via a collaborative effort between LASEROPTEK, Gale Force Aesthetics and Laser Service Solutions," added Mr. Lee. Commenting on the agreement, Jayson Jonsson, CEO of Gale Force Aesthetics said, "LASEROPTEK's devices provide the opportunity to introduce unique, high performance laser systems to our expanding customer base.  The Gale Force Aesthetics network of sales representatives and clinical educators is well-suited to further support the aesthetic device market.  Our collaboration with Ryan Koenig and his team at Laser Service Solutions is a key piece to the puzzle, ensuring that our customers have access to a strong technical service team critical to long-term customer satisfaction." Ryan Koenig, President of Laser Service Solutions adds, "We are pleased to provide the technical service component of LASEROPTEK's U.S. distribution agreement with Gale Force Aesthetics and I anticipate this business collaboration will continue to grow and expand.  I just returned from a detailed technical training program at LASEROPTEK and am thoroughly impressed with LASEROPTEK's technology and quality." To learn more about LASEROPTEK's world-class lineup of lasers for aesthetic and medical dermatology, please visit  To discuss purchasing or leasing a LASEROPTEK laser in the United States, please contact Jayson Jonsson at +1(925) 705-6206. About LASEROPTEK Co., Ltd.LASEROPTEK is a global technology-driven medical device company in the aesthetic and medical laser market. Founded in 2000 and with its in-house R&D capabilities, LASEROPTEK introduces safe, stable and high-quality laser systems merging advanced laser technology with clinical efficacy. About Gale Force Aesthetics, LLCGale Force Aesthetics partners with best-in-class manufacturers – deploying a nationwide team of independent sales consultants that drive sales while building a strong reputation of excellence for their partners. About Laser Service Solutions, Inc.Laser Service Solutions is a laser technology company providing laser repair, rentals and parts manufacturing to the medical aesthetic market. LSS features both in-house technicians and a network of independent technical laser specialists fully trained to provide white glove service for a wide range of devices. Media Contacts: Helena +82.31.8023.5150 Christopher +1(619) 997-7905 SOURCE LASEROPTEK Co. Ltd.


  • Novel Titanium Sapphire 311nm UV Laser: An Efficacious Alternative to Excimer Lasers for Treatment of Localized Vitiligo

    Professor Jung Min Bae researched comparison between 308nm Excimer laser and 311nm Titanium: Sapphire UV laser (PALLAS). At a result, both of 308nm Excimer laser and 311nm Titanium: Sapphire UV laser (PALLAS) showed equivalent treatment effect and safety. Therefore, 311nm Titanium: Sapphire UV laser (PALLAS) can be alternative treatment for vitiligo treatment.


  • LASEROPTEK 's PicoLO™ Picosecond Nd:YAG Laser Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance

    LASEROPTEK’s PicoLO recently received U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance. the PicoLO clearance will help that LASEROPTEK significantly increase its sales in the U.S. market. C.J. Lee, CEO and President of LASEROPTEK, said that “PicoLO's technology-rich DNA in combination with LASEROPTEK's world class technical and clinical support will garner the attention of dealers, physicians and patients.”