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Picosecond Fractional Lasers, Proved Benefits on Treating Acne Scars

Picosecond Fractional Lasers, Proved Benefits on Treating Acne Scars

Pockmarks created from acne bring pigmentations and widened pores, becoming a stress factor of patients. Until now, general fractional lasers had been used for treating pockmarks, but the March issue of Dermatologic Therapy reported that Korean physicians have discovered that picosecond fractional laser with 1064nm of wavelengths can effectively treat pockmarks.

The clinical trial was operated by using the DOE fractional beam of LaserOptek’s PicoLo laser to patients with pockmarks caused by pimples. After the patients had received more than three times of treatments with one month of intervals, they showed satisfaction and minimal pain. Three months later, specialists confirmed more than 58% of the effects in their objective evaluations.

Photo= Dermatologic Therapy. 2020;e13297. Photos of before and after the treatment.

Biopsy conducted after irradiating the laser confirmed the superficial cystic cavitation in the tissue, and it was found that this tissue reaction was observed only in picosecond lasers using ultra-short waves, which resulted in therapeutic effects.

"Because pigment lasers are irradiated fractionally, the scars improved along with brightening of overall face color and increase in collagen production, which can give a sense of

skin tightening," Dr. Seung Hwan Paik from the Seoul One Dermatology, who led the clinical trial while working in Asan Medical Clinic, commented.