World First Solid-State UVB Laser for Medical & Aesthetic Dermatology

LASEROPTEK invested the better part of a decade researching, developing and designing PALLAS, the world’s first solid-state narrow-band UVB laser available with 308nm or 311nm wavelength models. 311nm is clinically proven to generate efficacious and safe treatments for a wide variety of indications including vitiligo.

The revolutionary solid-state design makes the high cost and inconvenience associated with maintaining traditional excimer laser devices such as making expensive and time-consuming excimer gas and electrode replacement maintenance calls obsolete.

Ease of use, safety, efficacy and low cost of ownership are just a few advantages of the PALLAS. PALLAS provides evidence on a global scale of LASEROPTEK’s dedication to continuous R&D, production and delivery of safe, efficacious and economical laser devices to the aesthetic and medical dermatology market.